In 1997, Drs. Giessl and Hensley conceived of and developed the Cincinnati Trauma Connection (CTC) in response to the increased community need for psychological trauma assistance and education. The mission of the CTC is to serve as one of Greater Cincinnati’s leading resources in the field of psychotraumatology.   


Enable people to explore their traumatic experiences in order to rebuild shattered assumptions about themselves and the world.

Provide behavioral and cognitive treatment options to eliminate intrusive thoughts, reduce anxiety, and control distressing symptoms.

Help people understand the psychological impact and aftermath of stressful events.

Empower victims of traumatic experience to become survivors able to go on with their lives.

Serve as a caring other who guides people toward acceptance and acknowledgement of their problems.

Function as a teacher who provides ways of minimizing overload while effectively processing the experience
Target future need and direction for clinical care, delivery of service, and research treatment issues.​​